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Just wanted to thanks to  everyone for all the birthday wishes and the gifts of artwork some friends have made, You guys are Awesome!!!

Happy Birthday Yojama By Wildstar27-db0s4e6 by YojamaA Wee Gift For Yojama By Glasolia1990-db0t60s by Yojama

 Birthday Gift For Yojama By Boogeyboy1-db0vgug by YojamaSuzie By Caffeine Assassin-db0vnz7 by Yojama
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Hey Check out my friends Instagram, its so cool…
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1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Tagged by :iconshadowxconspiracy:

Amy bio by Yojama

Facts about Amy

1. Amy is around 7

2. Amy has Ice powers, inherited by her parents 

3. the cold never bothers her, at all. 

4. She has 3 brother, one she gets into fight with a lot but share a hunger for mischief, one she always can rely on to know things she doesn't and one that is just buckets of fun, enjoys roughhousing with her, and will to go alone with any fun and crazy thing she wants to out there. 

5. She sometimes like to beat up and roughhouse with her brother sometimes in a playful way "which to other, looks like a war zone". 

6. she might have a relative who is a Yuki-onna
(Though that has yet to be confirmed) 

7. play with her in a snowball fight is a deathwish.

8. People say she is vulgar, rebellious and hot headed and really lacks any ladylike manners and even has a bit of attitude problem....their not really wrong.

-BONUS FACTS (for me taking so long)
- dispute what people may think, she never saw Frozen. 

:iconmickeymonster: Thorn and Devil :iconabwingz: Minnie :iconbjsinc: Erma  :iconmiitoons: Coco :icong-3-n-o: Ellie :iconsilent-sid: Alice :iconearthvsthederek: Zoe :iconjksketchy: Breaker or Blake 

One Bonus (for me taking so long)
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if anyone has any time, could i get some critiques on some of my artwork and drawings, mainly the ones that are asking for it in the description. 
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1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself. 
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants (Me: i probably wont)
5. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
7. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. 
8. Tag backs are allowed. 
9. If you dont answer within a week you have to do something the deviant who tags you tells you to do. (Me: No.)
10. forcing is not allowed. (ABwingz: Doesn't that contradict the rule above?, Me
: agreed)

13 facts about Yojama

1. I'm currently in collage for Animation Digital Arts

2. I like Yellow

3. I'm a lover for art, animation, games, comics, cartoons etc. 

4. There are some people here on Deviantart who i adore and are inspired by so much to a point were i might be a bit 
jealous (but in a loving, appreciating, praising way). 

5. I have trouble making up my mind sometimes

6. I love watching others play horror games rather then playing them myself.

7. I drink WAAAAAY to much Coke. 

8. My favorite horror game "if it can be classified as" is Luigi mansion

9. When I was younger, I ate a maple leaf

10. Ghost type is my favourite Pokemon type 

11. I won a dance competition dressed as batman 


13. I once caught a squirrel with a butterfly net 

:iconabwingz: Questions 

1. What kind of super power would you want more: Speed? Invisibility? Flight? Super Strength?

- either flight or super strenght 

2. How do you enjoy Oreos?

- I don't 

3. Can you cook? Any preferred dishes?

- I sometimes make omlettes 

4. What do you geek out over the most?


5. Got a favorite Meme?

Troll Face Icon don't question it Insanity Wolf just a few

6. What do you do mostly here on deviantArt?

- Either post my own stuff or adore other peoples stuff

7. Waffles or Pancakes or French Toast?


8. Do you still consider Pluto a planet?

- Pluto's a dog FNaTI - Pixel Pluto , but in all seriousness I don't really care. 

9. Got a favorite anime?

- One Piece or Dragon Ball Z

10. Got a quote you live your life by?

- thats a deep question, don't really now the best answer. 

11. Undertale or Five Nights at Freddy's?

- Five Nights at Freddy's

12. Can you recall your latest dream?

- nope

13. Batman or Superman?

Dancing batman 

My Questions

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

2. What's you favourite pokemon type?

3.  Would you kill an animal "of your choice", for over 1 million dollars?

4. Have a favourite cartoon?

5. Have a hated cartoon?

6. How much can you lift?

7. what kind of animal would you want to morph into?

8. Have you ever sleep walked?

9. Mario or Sonic?

10. who's your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend? 

11. What would you do if you met a genie 

12. What grinds your gears?

13. Hillary or Trump or other? 

-Answer if you want. 
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As of now, I'm not going to do any request for a while. Besides the personal artwork i want to get done and are also working on currently, Collage has been a bit rocky for me, not that I'm failing, its just a new experience i trying to get used to. 
 Don't know when i'll start again, but i want to focus on my own stuff, and Collage. I'll probably do some request in the far future but not now.
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sorry i have been away for a while, had to get a scanner and its even better then the last one i had before. 
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I found these really cool comics of wario, but their in a different language i don't understand, can someone help me translate and figure out what is being said…………
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1. Wander over yonder - This show NEEDS a third season. There is so much things that have yet to be shown like haters backstory or whats going to happen with lord dominator. Its amazing that a show that started out as fun nonsense, developed into engaging stories, interesting and developed characters and jaw dropping suspense. I actually started on season 2 of this series and was instantly hooked (thanks lord dominator). McCracken said their was a lot of story arches that have yet to be shown and season 2 ending left off on a major cliff hanger. I hope #savewoy can still being this series back. i haven't been so invested in a show since Steven Universe or Adventure Time. IT'S THAT GOOD. 

2. Avengers Earths Mightiest Heros - Think of justice league unlimited but with the avengers 

3. Jimmy Two Shoes - Really fun show with crazy characters, really wish it did better then it did. animation was good and season 2 intro still is awesome to listen to time to time. for some reason i can't get this how out of my head, its so crazy. believe it or not, this was originally going to be about jimmy being dead and living in hell with Heloise who was the spirit of serial killer and lucius was suppose to be named lucifer. Judging on the concept art, this was supposed to be a graphic and bloody show. still happy with what were left with. 
Related image

4. Spectacular Spiderman - Amazing fight scenes and great development to spiderman and his villains. 

5. Dan Vs - I really wish this show was aired on adult swim or something because i feel like this show was being held back for being on a kids show. Dan could have gotten away with some many more things like how characters like carmen or rick can get away with. Still, its great for what it is. 

These shows got canceled and I really wished they kept going. They had lots of potential for more, were fun to watch and had some really great and amazing characters that I hope will never be forgotten. 
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Well it finally happened, I finally reached 100 watchers.
I want to say thanks for everyone watching, commenting and favouriting my artwork. I wouldn't have gotten as far as I am now without you guys, so thanks alot for sticking around.
Hey guys, Merry christmas everybody Merry Christmas Merry christmas everybody . Hope you all have a happy new year  
Merry Christmas 11 1200 by Yojama
I just got a core membership and I heard it would not only give me new ability's and as well give my art more exposer. I was really happy about this but after look more into core membership, I have been seeing a lot of negativities things about core membership.

for anyone who has core membership, please tell me if it was worth it and did it benefit you in ways besides giving you new things to do, like you your art being more noticed or what?
Finally a new season of adventure time is out, if your a fan go here to see the new episodes…
I know its just 50 but I just want to say thanks a lot for 50, hope to get to 100
everyone, you need to see this awesome new series created by Gregzillagt called Rebb  

this is awesome and you all need to see IT. SERIOUSLY everyone support Gregzillagt

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this is a copied and pasted message

A friend of mine's account has been hacked and the hacker is generally being homophobic, rude and offensive to other deviants - as well as posting upsetting images. The hacked account is EpicBurritos
I haven't tagged them as they would see this, but please report this deviant to get them taken off DA, and please copy and paste this message to spread awareness about the issue. 
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I got Outlast (and whistleblower) on the ps4 and beat them both (beat whistleblower today actually) and let me tell you it was a lot of fun. granted I have seen other people play the game so a already knew a lot about it but I still got spooked at some parts. I have been hearing that their making a knew outlast and I do hope its true :)
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Just saw Jurassic world for fathers day with family

Sick movie and I recommend it to all.
I have been working on my own characters for years know, i have a lot of old and resent sketches and draws of them and i think soon i will upload them for you to see. At first i want to reveal them to be in a animation (and i still do and I'm working on that) but the problem is i don't have flash yet but i have been practising at school using flash real hard. i haven't posted any of my OC because I've been working on their designs, bios and the other things that go into a character which I have been doing for years now ( an I'm also a little nerves, don't know exactly why but i am). So far i have been posting old and resent art work of my other creations and I'm still going to continue doing that but in the mean time I'm going to enjoy the christmas break. Have A Merry Christmas, God bless and have a happy knew year

PS. This might go through some edits in the future